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We are grateful to our sponsors, advertisers and donors for supporting this year's Ball so generously.

If you are looking to give, please use individual donation links below for our 2024 charities or the Richmond May Ball 2024.

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My Life Films is dedicated to improving the mental health and wellbeing of people living with dementia and supporting their carers and family members. Their unique film-based services, including the dementia-friendly streaming service My Life TV, support a range of needs, whether that be sustaining hobbies and interests, sparking conversation and connection, providing moments of calm or simply bringing joy, smiles and laughter!

  • £50 pays for someone / a family living with dementia to have comfort, joy and laughter for a year with My Life TV.

  • £500 pays for all residents and staff in a local care home to have entertainment, activities and stimulation at any time of the day for a year

  • £1,500 pays for a local person living with dementia to have their own, personal life story film created about their life, an award-winning service from My Life Films.

Park Lane Stables RDA are an award-winning RDA (Riding for the Disabled Association) centre with a wide programme of activities, including assisted riding, horse care, carriage driving, equine therapy and hippotherapy. “A place of kindness where horses help people and people help horses”, last year they helped over 1000 families.

  • £100 will pay for 4 carriage driving sessions for a wheelchair user; one participant describes these sessions as his 'ultimate freedom'

  • £250 will pay for 5 pairs of horse shoes. Our horses need new shoes every 6 weeks from our farrier.

  • £500 will pay for 4 equine therapy sessions for a person in need.

  • £1000 will pay for the hay for our superstar ponies for one month.

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